Bosscal is a family run business, with the first mezcal released in 2015. Bosscal owns their distillery in Durango, Mexico and produces under a NOM certification. There are currently three Bosscal Mezcals in market – Joven Mezcal, Pechuga de Conejo Mezcal and Damiana Mezcal.

Mountain to Market is the core philosophy of Bosscal. Mountain to Market refers to the brand’s dedication to artisanal and traditional distillery practices. The agave is wild grown, free of pesticides and hand-picked at age. Each plant is strategically picked with preservation in mind, ensuring the sustainabiliity of each harvest and ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

Bosscal’s mission is to create the highest quality 100% organic mezcal through sustainable and traditional processes, build connection and community, and boldly inspire a spirit of adventure.

To create a brand that inspires adventure, promotes human connection, values communities, and honors our sustainable and artisanal methods of production.

Meet Arturo, one of the most important team members of Bosscal Mezcaleros. Arturo can be stubborn at times but he is extremely intelligent and has an amazing memory. He loves helping us bringing down the agave from the mountainous & rocky regions of Durango Mexico.